La Sipri Appalti S.r.l. Paolo Rinci Real Estate Company) starts its activity in September 1945 thanks to the founder Paolo Rinci. The company is focused on building, road constructions and plant engineering.

In his early years (1945-1963), the main activity is the construction of residential buildings. Later on (1963-1977), thanks to the gradual expansion of building activities, Sipri Costruzioni Edilizie was established to tackle the increasingly demanding construction works with different purposes (commercial, office and residential).

In 1977-1998, with the entry of the sons of the founder, the need to make all construction activities autonomous and continuous leads to the setting up of two separate companies: Sipri Appalti S.a.s. deals with construction for its own use and for third parties in the private and public sectors. The company mainly focusses its activity in the provinces of Udine and Gorizia, thus building several buildings for residential and non-residential purposes.

In 1999-2009, thanks to the management of the third generation, the company continues its activity in the building sector. The existing structure, a long working experience, the expertise and professional skills are a sound guarantee of reliability and competence in work performance.

La Sipri Appalti S.r.l. has highly qualified staff, modern and efficient equipment and is registered in the National Register of Constructors and certified according to ISO 9001:2000.


In 2003, Sipri Appalti obtains the ISO 9001 certification.